How to Read Your Results

Getting your results from WorkFit Dx can be overwhelming, especially if you opted to receive your Complete Report (which gives you a lot of information!). Here is a breakdown of how the results are organized and what you can take away from them.

The Domain Breakdown

The first result you will see is the domain breakdown. This is a snapshot of what form of compensation matters most to you and the balance between. The report is intentionally broad and should be used only as a guide as assess your fit with an opportunity. The three domains (Approach, Environment, and Outcomes) are presented as a diagram proportionally divided to correlate with your responses. We find it helps to see the forest before we focus on the trees.

The High-Low Report

After looking at the 30,000-foot view of your results it’s time to zoom in to your customized High-Low Report!

Your top three results are the High Report. Most of your time should be spent review these results and the corresponding insights and questions. For this reason, we have provided you with more information for these results than the others.

After your top results you will see your bottom three or Low Report. While less significant than the high results, as you build your job search strategy it is important to know where you can compromise to get what you want most. This is true in any negotiation.

What About Ties?

For certain users, the results of their assessment may result in a tie between one or more key indicator. When this happens in their High-Low Report, we provide them with the results for all attributes that tied. For this reason, they see more than three results in their High and/or Low Report.

The Mid Report

If you purchased the Complete Report the remainder of the fifteen key-indicators are arranged in a Middle Report. Your results are arranged from highest to lowest. These key-indicators, while not as relevant to your personal strategy, should be studied and understood because over the course of your career it is likely that one or more of these results will increase in importance to you. And there might be an insight or question that will be of value to you. For the top half of the results, you receive the positively correlated insights. For the bottom half you will be presented the low report insights.


Your answers to the survey are analyzed, in relation to each other and for intensity of response, and assigned a numerical value. Each of the fifteen attributes that are tested are awarded a score between 0-30. A score of 30 indicates the highest degree of correlation to your satisfaction.

View Your Past Results

If you’ve taken the assessment in the past, you can input your email address below, and an email will be sent to you with a link to your past report!
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