WorkFit DX is committed to providing resources to help you identify, get, and excel in your dream job and career. We leverage decades of research, experience, and technology to increase your progress, productivity and success.

Our Products & Services

WorkFit DX ™

WorkFit DX is a dynamic self-assessment tool that provides people  much-needed insights to make better employment decisions. WorkFit DX is used to support career selection, contract negotiation, employer evaluation, and self-discovery.

Research, and logic, tell us that success at work is not determined merely by the tasks we perform. While learning what we do well and understanding which careers align with our strengths is a vital aspect of career selection, satisfaction and performance at work also depend on where, why, and how we work. WorkFit Dx assesses these often-neglected attributes of the work experience to better understand professional fit to job seekers and aid employers in increasing their team’s cohesion and performance.

WorkFit DXR ™

WorkFit DXR is a dynamic tool that provides employers much-needed insights into candidates’ needs to make better employment decisions. WorkFit DXR is used to support candidate selection, position fit, and position needs.

By understanding what a position has to offer an employee in 3 crucial domains and 15 crucial factors, and understanding which candidate’s needs will be met by what this position has to offer in these domains and factors, your organization and the employee will be a much better fit, which means greater job satisfaction on both sides


Based on groundbreaking research on the relationship between an individual’s current job and their ‘ideal’ one, EmPulse identifies and measures how well an organization is fulfilling the needs of its employees.   

People are motivated by feeling that their job is helping them make progress in areas they care about. EmPulse takes this into account, focusing on the dynamic nature of an individual’s “dream job,” “dream self,” and “dream impact,” as well as the role that perceptions of movement, momentum, and progress play in job evaluations. This is a more precise, actionable, and easy-to-use tool than traditional job satisfaction assessments.

EmPulse is the culmination of recent studies and decades of research by a team of experts from Stanford and other top universities.  

Empulse breaks down each indicator of self-progress across the three overarching areas. When a manager looks at the EmPulse dashboard they not only see how satisfied their workforce is, they are able to quickly see a detailed breakdown of what forms of progress their workers care about most, and how close or how far reality matches the employees’ hopes and dreams.