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WorkFit Dx was created with you in mind

WorkFit Dx was designed by career planning experts and work satisfaction researchers who have spent thousands of hours, and many years, consulting individuals, companies, and universities to help people make better decisions. We aim to help you know yourself better and aid you in finding a great job or a team member for your specific goals and needs.  

Because we are constantly growing and changing, and not just in who we “are” but in what we’re looking for from our jobs, WorkFit DX offers a custom profile of your ideal employment relationship right now, as well as a guide for when your situation, needs, and desires change

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WorkFit Dx is different from personality tests

When forming personal or romantic relationships, we have many opportunities to evaluate compatibility. We go on a date, hang out, and ask the opinions of mutual friends. We will, however, spend far more time each week at our jobs than with our partner.

When we seek to form an employment relationship, we do not have the same opportunity to test our fit with the employer. Our employment relationships are often formed based on nothing more than a description of the job to be done and an introductory interview. This is like committing to a five-year romantic relationship with someone after only seeing their online profile and having a twenty-minute conversation. WorkFit Dx is a self-assessment that helps you better understand your/ or a job candidates unique needs from an employment relationship so you can make a more informed decision.

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