What are the top ten interview questions?

Sorry to say this because I know we love top ten lists, but there is no top ten list of interview questions.

The reason there isn’t is because we’re all different.

Each of us needs something different from an employment experience and every employer is different. So interview questions need to be tailored specifically to the opportunity that you’re looking at.

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If there were a list of top ten interview questions, we could simply fill out a questionnaire, have those evaluated, and then we could place ourselves in that dream job with very little effort.

Unfortunately, human interactions are far more complicated than a written list of questions. For that reason, we need to more dynamically evaluate ourselves and interview and interrogate those that we are going work with. That way we can make sure that we’re about to invest our time and energy into a place that’s going to:

One – Value it

and Two- Be able to give us a chance to grow and thrive in that work experience.

For a true in depth evaluation of yourself, take the WorkFit DX assessment today. It was created to help you understand your abilities, interest, strengths, and needs for not only a successful career, but one that provides that sense of fulfillment that many are looking for.

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