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Included in the Checklist:

  • Step by Step Process to Craft a Winning Resume
  • 3 New Ways to Get More Interviews
  • Tips for Assessing Company Culture After a Single Interview

How Does the Checklist Help Me?

If you’ve made it here, at one point or another you’ve felt helpless with your job search… or maybe you’ve felt trapped with your current career that you just don’t like anymore. You’ve probably scrolled through dozens (or hundreds) of job postings online and nothing seems to work out or fit your needs. Perhaps you’ve even been like this for several months. It can be hard, we know firsthand. Imagine if all the effort you’ve put into your job search was spent doing something you love, something actually paying off. Some people waste countless years of their life unhappy or unfulfilled with their career, and put on a fake-face to just make it ‘til Friday every week (we’ve been there, too).
Whether you are about to graduate and are on the hunt for that first job, or a seasoned veteran finally making that career change, using WorkFit Dx helps people like you reclaim thousands of hours spent on job searches and avoid spending thousands of dollars on courses or appointments with career counselors. WorkFit Dx has helped over 30,000 people transform their job search by guiding them to achieve workplace fulfillment, and live happier lives.
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What is included in the Career Fulfillment Checklist?
The Career Fulfillment Checklist includes:
  • Step by step process to craft a winning resume
  • How to become the best version of yourself in weeks not years.
  • The guide to identifying your core values and how they relate to your career aspirations.
  • Insider secrets for navigating the job search process and finding opportunities that align with your goals.
  • Tips for assessing company culture and determining if it’s a good fit for you.

BONUS: The CEOs guide to setting up your lifestyle to thrive personally and professionally

Who made the Career Fulfillment Checklist?
The Career Fulfillment Checklist is the product of thousands of hours of research, training, and firsthand experience. It was created by career counselors, organizational psychologists, HR consultants, and successful business owners. WorkFit Dx is the life’s work of several PHDs and CEOs.