You’re on your road to graduating!  Preparing for and choosing the right career and job is crucial for your successful professional journey. 

Making wise decisions early in your education and career will save you considerable time and frustration, and avoid unnecessary challenges and difficulties.

There is great value in understanding your specific needs and interests when considering job and career opportunities and their role in your long-term career satisfaction, fulfillment, and success. 

Students who have invested in themselves by developing not only the knowledge and skills,  but understanding what interests and needs they have from a career, are more fulfilled, make higher income, and have greater career enjoyment.

Introducing WorkFit DX

Your Ultimate Job Search and Fulfilling Work Advisor

In WorkFit DX, we’ve harnessed decades of research and expertise to solve the challenges of discovering your priorities and making informed decisions during your job search

Our cutting-edge tool helps you uncover what truly matters to you in a job – right now – and then empowers you to optimize your search, navigate the job market, make well-informed decisions, own the interview, and pick the right job by using our world-class guides, tips, and strategies, customized specifically to you.

Krista Smyth
"Trying to find a career that I loved and felt right without WorkFitDX was like trying to hike an unmarked trail without a map. I was so stressed and overwhelmed, but when I found WorkFitDX everything became so much easier!"

Here's what you get with your WorkFit DX

Personalized Needs & Interest Profile

Discover more about yourself and what you need from your workplace culture to be happy, engaged, and fulfilled with your career.

Job Search Tips

Learn where to look for opportunities, what to look for in job descriptions, which type of positions and organizations are best suited specifically for you, and more.

Custom Interview Questions

Learn what questions to ask and what answers you should watch out for to help you determine if this is the job for you. Knowing the questions and answers puts you in control.

Special offer for students!

WorkFit DX 
Provides critical insights to make better employment decisions and unleashes your ability to find, secure, and succeed in the career that is best for YOU!
WorkFit DX serves as a personalized career coach.
Crafted by professional career counselors and work satisfaction researchers, WorkFit DX is your personal advisor for career selection, contract negotiation, and self-discovery.
WorkFit DX assesses the top 15 often-neglected essential attributes of the work experience and provides customized, individual insights into which of these attributes are most important for your career enjoyment, cohesion and performance.
The Complete Job-Hunt 
WorkFit DX cuts right to the chase by giving you the strategic edge you need to land the job of your dreams; insider tips to follow; and things to avoid; which practically guarantee you’ll ace your interviews and get begged to accept offers.
Research and logic tell us that success at work is not determined merely by the tasks we perform, but doing work that fulfills our needs and satisfies our interests.
Learning what we do well and understanding which opportunities align with our needs and interests are vital to career selection, satisfaction and performance. 

Your Order:

WorkFit DX 


  • Personalized Needs & Interests Profile
  • Critical Insights from Career Counselors
  • Customized Interview Questions

The Complete Job-Hunt Guide 


  • The Truth Behind Job Postings
  • The 3 Things Employers Are Looking for In Applications & Interviews
  • The Four Types of Deception that keep you from getting the job and how to Fix Them


Career Accelerator 


  • Secrets to Promotion from Current CEOs
  • Steps to Increase Workplace Happiness
  • Strategies to Practice for IMMEDIATE Success

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TODAY ONLY: $99.95

Award Winning WorkFit DX

What it is

It is your guide to identifying what is most important to you when it comes to your career and life’s work.


Identifies the things that
matter most to you in
your career success and
happiness and how to know if organizations you are working for or are considering will provide them to you.


Your results will guide you in finding the ideal work fit for  you. You will know what to look for, what questions to ask, and how to use those most important things to be successful in your career.


Students, employees and
professionals at all levels


Increased clarity, success, opportunities and fulfillment.

Job postings can be both generic and inaccurate, making it tough to know what a job is really like before accepting the offer. 

WorkFit DX takes the guesswork out of the equation, guiding you through a tailored, strategic approach to find and land the right job for you – one that aligns with your values, interests, and preferences.

What you will get with your order:

WorkFit DX —


  • Personalized Employment Profile
  • Insightful Suggestions and Strategies for Finding and Getting the right job for you! 
  • Customized Interview Questions to Help You Choose the Right Organization for Your Success and Fulfillment

The Job-Hunt Guide 


  • The Truth Behind Job Postings You Must Know to Find and Get the Job You Want
  • The 3 Things Employers Are Looking for In Applications & Interviews that You Need to Know to Get the Job
  • The Four Types of Deception Employers Look for and Hate that Keep you from Getting the Job and How to Avoid Them


Career Accelerator —


  • Secrets to Promotion from Current CEOs
  • Steps to Increase Workplace Happiness and Income
  • Strategies to Practice for IMMEDIATE Success

Total $209.85

(- $109.90)

TODAY ONLY: $99.95

“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my career. I mean, I knew I wanted to go into operations, but I wasn’t sure what type of work culture would make me happy. Then I got my WorkFitDx guide and it all came together.
– John S.

“I was struggling to find a job I didn’t hate. Then my friend told me to get WorkFit DX and the Job Hunt Guide. What I learned in WorkFit DX and the Job Hunt Guide helped me find the right opportunities and also how to take control of the interview process. Now I love where I work.”
– Kristin C.

“I spent tens of thousands of dollars — and four years of my life — going to school to get my degree. But once I landed what I believed would be my ‘dream job’, I realized it just wasn’t for me. Sounds crazy, but WorkFit DX helped me understand what I really wanted out of a company. I was able to take what I learned and find a job and team that I actually love.  I could not be happier.”
– Charlie K.

“We’ve found that, because no job is perfect, it’s helpful to know what you might be able to give in exchange for what you really need from an employer.  WorkFit DX delivered the info I needed”
– Barbara N.