Great jobs are jobs that give you the most of what you want and need most...

...and the least of what you want least.

Higher Education leads to Higher Income and Better Employment

Education institutions provide information and training to develop skills, minds and talent.   All essential for the personal and professional development and career success of individuals.

Research shows the higher the education degree the higher the income and the lesser the unemployment likelihood.

Research also shows that the first job graduates take out of school matters more than subsequent jobs. 

The first job matters most...

87% of graduates who were appropriately employed in their first job continued to hold positions that matched their levels of education five years later, and 91% of them continued to be well-employed at the 10 year mark!  On the contrary, most college graduates who start out underemployed stay underemployed even 10 years out! This is what they call, “the Permanent Detour.”

When institutions provide not only the course work, but resources to identify career choices that align with the students career needs and interests, resume building experiences and guidance, industry connections, and co-curricular activities, students are better prepared for and make better ‘first job’ selections.  They find jobs and careers they love and last, and are far less likely to take the “Permanent Detour.”

Why institutions care

Educational institutions want their graduates to succeed in their careers!  It’s good for their graduates, it’s good for the hiring organizations, and…it’s very good for the educational institutions.  

When graduates succeed, it increases the likelihood of other graduates being recruited to the organizations, which makes recruiting to the institution easier.  It’s pretty simple.

Educational institutions typically have career services departments or initiatives aimed at supporting students and alumni in their career development, job search, and networking efforts. These services are designed to enhance employability and foster success among graduates.

Ultimately, the success of graduates benefits not only the individuals themselves but also the hiring organizations and the educational institutions. It creates a positive feedback loop where successful outcomes lead to increased opportunities, better recruitment prospects, and a stronger reputation for the institution, ultimately benefiting future generations of students.

Why the current model isn't working

Decades of research show the following:

  • Most individuals don’t know what they really want and really need from a job to keep them ‘happy’, engaged, fulfilled, or satisfied, as a result they become dissatisfied, disengaged and far less productive than they want to be and could be, frequently quitting and taking the “Permanent Detour”;
  • Career counselors and institutions lack tools to help students and graduates understand what they really want and need from their employment;
  • The hiring process differs from one organization to the next, making it extremely difficult to navigate through the process in ways that they are able to understand which organization will be the best fit for their needs;
  • Job descriptions within the same job category vary widely, each position is very different. For every job title that exists (a product manager, analyst, history teacher, attorney, or sous chef) there are thousands of versions of those jobs working in different organizations, on different projects, pay scales, and with different bosses.

WorkFit DX is the solution

WorkFit DX has been developed by top social scientists and experts to help individuals identify what they need and want most to ‘love’ their job and organization.  It gives clarity to what really is important to their success.

WorkFit DX is used by career coaches to help students and graduates through the hiring maze to identify positions and organizations who can best meet their needs.

Our Job Hunt Guides leads individuals and career counselors through the hiring process.

Our WorkFit DX Career Counselor Certification training will help career counselors best use the WorkFit DX to the benefit of their clients.