How do you choose between two job options?

Well, first off, let’s make sure that we are not limit ourselves to two. There is a whole world of job opportunities out there, so let’s make sure we’re looking at all of them.

But let’s assume that we have looked at all the job opportunities we’ve been presented with and we’ve narrowed the pool down to two awesome options.

They fit our skill set.

They’re in the location that we like.

They feel like good places to work.

But how do I know which of the two I should work at? Well, the best way to know where you should work is to better understand what you need to be more satisfied and successful at work. And we can do that in two steps.

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Step One – Understand Yourself

You need to take time to study yourself and learn what it is that will truly make you the most productive and happiest version of yourself at work.

Step Two – Understand The Job Options

You can accomplish this by interviewing people who have worked at these jobs before and asking the right questions during your interview. Doing this will help you get a better understanding of not only what they do, but who they are and whether or not you think you’d be a good fit. Asking those penetrating questions, you can dive deeper into the heart of the organization.

One Simple Solution

On the surface, these may seem like simple steps. But truly diving into these can start to seem overwhelming. Where do you even start? The good news is, we can help you with both of those steps. Take the WorkFit DX and let’s get started!

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