How do I negotiate with my employer?

First off, negotiations are all about meeting needs. 

In order to effectively negotiate with anyone, whether that’s car salesmen, children, parents, or your employer, you have to understand what they need. And you have to understand what you need.

When you can align what you have that they need and what they have that you need, you can have a successful negotiation. But you do have to engage in that “needs” appraisal.

What do you bring to the table?

The first thing is identify what you do well that the organization needs. Understand what you have to offer – whether that’s time, a specific skill set, availability, location, whatever it is that you have. 

What are your needs?

Maybe it’s a higher salary. 

Maybe it’s a more flexible work arrangement. 

Maybe you need to work from home.

Maybe you need to work four days a week.

Whatever you’re after, have it clear in your mind. 

Negotiating with your boss?

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Put yourself in their shoes

Next, pretend you’re them for a moment. What do they need from you?

Maybe it’s an increase in quantity.

Maybe it’s all about production speed.

Maybe there’s some sort of creative ability that you bring to the table that they desperately need.

Understand your worth to them and come with an idea how you can meet that need for them more effectively than you currently are.

Finding a Win-Win solution

If you understand both points of view – what they need and you can bring to the table, as well as what you need and what they can bring to the table – then you can find an arrangement that is a win-win for both of you.

And when you’re talking about an employment relationship, it’s important to remember that’s what you’re after. You can’t have your employer leaving the negotiation upset. If that happens, you would have to work with someone who feels like you’ve taken advantage of them.

So identifying the problems and the solutions that each of you can bring to the table will allow you to negotiate with an employer and bring about the best possible outcome for each of you.

If you are having a hard time identifying what your strengths or needs are within your career, take the WorkFit DX assessment and give yourself some solid points to bring to the negotiation table!

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