How are the Myers-Briggs and WorkFit DX different?

This is a great question! And I should start by saying, I love the Myers-Briggs strengths finder and all other sociometrics that help us better understand ourselves.

While it looks much like these other tests, WorkFit DX is very different. Our test is not solely about who you are internally. Other tests focus on understanding your leadership style or how you interact with people, WorkFit DX dives deeper.

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Who you are internally is a part of it, it is also about how the world interacts with you. WorkFit DX is about finding that environment that best suits your needs in the present moment.

At different times in our lives, we need different things from an employment relationship. WorkFit DX helps you identify or diagnose what it is that you need from others – hence the name WorkFit DX (dx is the medical abbreviation for diagnosis).

So while the Myers-Briggs and other sociometrics are designed to help you look internally and understand yourself better, WorkFit DX is more about understanding how the world around you
interacts with you and how to maximize those opportunities to help you find the best possible working relationship. So take the WorkFit DX assessment today and start maximizing those opportunities today!

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