Congratulations Graduate!

Choosing the right career and job is crucial for your successful professional journey. 

Making wise decisions early in your career will save you considerable time, frustration and avoid unnecessary challenges and difficulties.

Invest 20 minutes of your time to increase your career success and satisfaction.

Here's what you get with your WorkFit DX

Personalized Employment Profile

Discover more about yourself and what you need from your workplace culture to be happy, engaged, and fulfilled with your career.

Job Search Tips

Learn where to look for opportunities, what to look for in job descriptions, which type of positions and organizations are best suited specifically for you, and more.

Custom Interview Questions

Learn what questions to ask and what answers you should watch out for to help you determine if this is the job for you — or someone else.

Award Winning WorkFit DX

What it is

It is your guide to identifying what is most important to you when it comes to your career and life’s work.


Identifies the things that
matter the most to you in
your career success and
happiness and how to know if the organizations you are working for or are considering will provide them to you.


Your results will guide you in finding the ideal work fit for  you. You will know what to look for, what questions to ask, and how to use those most important things to be successful in your career.


Students, employees and
professionals at all levels


Increased clarity, success, opportunities and fulfillment.

In WorkFit DX, we’ve harnessed decades of research and expertise to solve finding the right job challenges for you. Our cutting-edge tool helps you uncover what truly matters to you in a job – right now – and then empowers you with cutting edge guides, tips, and strategies, customized specifically to you, to optimize your search, navigate the job market, and make informed decisions, and pick the right job!