How are the Myers-Briggs and WorkFit DX different?

This is a great question! And I should start by saying, I love the Myers-Briggs strengths finder and all other sociometrics that help us better understand ourselves.

While it looks much like these other tests, WorkFit DX is very different. Our test is not solely about who you are internally. Other tests focus on understanding your leadership style or how you interact with people, WorkFit DX dives deeper.

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Who you are internally is a part of it, it is also about how the world interacts with you. WorkFit DX is about finding that environment that best suits your needs in the present moment.

At different times in our lives, we need different things from an employment relationship. WorkFit DX helps you identify or diagnose what it is that you need from others – hence the name WorkFit DX (dx is the medical abbreviation for diagnosis).

So while the Myers-Briggs and other sociometrics are designed to help you look internally and understand yourself better, WorkFit DX is more about understanding how the world around you
interacts with you and how to maximize those opportunities to help you find the best possible working relationship. So take the WorkFit DX assessment today and start maximizing those opportunities today!

How do you prepare for a job interview?

When preparing for a job interview, there’s really only two things you need to know. What do you want and what do they want?

Research the company

You need to spend some time, some real time looking over the company’s website, interviewing individuals who have worked there – if they’re available, or just looking at what people have said about their work experience. This will be a great start in identifying if it’s a place that works for you.

Preparing for an upcoming interview?

WorkFit DX is an in depth assessment that can help identify your strengths and give you solid talking points to bring to the table.

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Know the job description

Likely, if you’re applying for the job, you’ve looked at the job description and you know if you meet their qualifications. But I’m gonna let you in on a secret…

Very few employers write job descriptions in an effective way.

They almost never know what they want. They just know what tasks need to be performed.

But at the end of the day, they’re not just hiring somebody to perform a task.

They’re hiring a coworker.

Remember that it isn’t “just a job”

You need to figure out if you are the coworker they need and if they are the place you want to work.

And it’s okay if they’re not the right fit for you or if you’re not the right fit for them.

But you’ll only know that if you spend some real time getting to know them and getting to know yourself.

When you enter that interview, you want to ask meaningful questions that will help you get at the heart of what they’re looking for. You need to be able to know them and yourself well enough to be able to decide if you’re the person they need or if you need to move on and find somewhere else to work.

The WorkFit DX assessment is a great tool to take a deep dive into your interests, abilities, and needs from your career. It is a great tool to help you prepare for any interview. Check it out today!

What are the top ten interview questions?

Sorry to say this because I know we love top ten lists, but there is no top ten list of interview questions.

The reason there isn’t is because we’re all different.

Each of us needs something different from an employment experience and every employer is different. So interview questions need to be tailored specifically to the opportunity that you’re looking at.

Do you have an upcoming interview?

WorkFit DX is an in depth assessment that can help identify your strengths and give you solid talking points to bring to the table.

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If there were a list of top ten interview questions, we could simply fill out a questionnaire, have those evaluated, and then we could place ourselves in that dream job with very little effort.

Unfortunately, human interactions are far more complicated than a written list of questions. For that reason, we need to more dynamically evaluate ourselves and interview and interrogate those that we are going work with. That way we can make sure that we’re about to invest our time and energy into a place that’s going to:

One – Value it

and Two- Be able to give us a chance to grow and thrive in that work experience.

For a true in depth evaluation of yourself, take the WorkFit DX assessment today. It was created to help you understand your abilities, interest, strengths, and needs for not only a successful career, but one that provides that sense of fulfillment that many are looking for.

How do I know what career is right for me?

The best way to know what career is right for you is by getting to know yourself better.

How do I choose a career?

WorkFit DX is an in depth assessment that can help identify your abilities, interest, and what you need to have a successful and fulfilling career.

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Many of us look at job postings and evaluate them based on what they say they need and what we think we can accomplish. They say we need someone to accomplish X Y and Z tasks, work this many hours, and we will compensate you this much.

And we think “I’ll take the job because it’s near my home and I can do X Y and Z tasks.” And that’s the end of it.

But the reality is you are likely to be more successful and more satisfied at work if you find a job that aligns with your interests, your abilities, and can give you the kind of environment in which you’re most likely to thrive in.

We have created the WorkFit DX to help you find just such a situation. In order to better find the job that’s right for you, get to know yourself better. We can help. Take the assessment today!

How do I negotiate with my employer?

First off, negotiations are all about meeting needs. 

In order to effectively negotiate with anyone, whether that’s car salesmen, children, parents, or your employer, you have to understand what they need. And you have to understand what you need.

When you can align what you have that they need and what they have that you need, you can have a successful negotiation. But you do have to engage in that “needs” appraisal.

What do you bring to the table?

The first thing is identify what you do well that the organization needs. Understand what you have to offer – whether that’s time, a specific skill set, availability, location, whatever it is that you have. 

What are your needs?

Maybe it’s a higher salary. 

Maybe it’s a more flexible work arrangement. 

Maybe you need to work from home.

Maybe you need to work four days a week.

Whatever you’re after, have it clear in your mind. 

Negotiating with your boss?

WorkFit DX is an in depth assessment that can help identify your strengths and give you solid talking points to bring to the table.

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Put yourself in their shoes

Next, pretend you’re them for a moment. What do they need from you?

Maybe it’s an increase in quantity.

Maybe it’s all about production speed.

Maybe there’s some sort of creative ability that you bring to the table that they desperately need.

Understand your worth to them and come with an idea how you can meet that need for them more effectively than you currently are.

Finding a Win-Win solution

If you understand both points of view – what they need and you can bring to the table, as well as what you need and what they can bring to the table – then you can find an arrangement that is a win-win for both of you.

And when you’re talking about an employment relationship, it’s important to remember that’s what you’re after. You can’t have your employer leaving the negotiation upset. If that happens, you would have to work with someone who feels like you’ve taken advantage of them.

So identifying the problems and the solutions that each of you can bring to the table will allow you to negotiate with an employer and bring about the best possible outcome for each of you.

If you are having a hard time identifying what your strengths or needs are within your career, take the WorkFit DX assessment and give yourself some solid points to bring to the negotiation table!

How do you choose between two job options?

Well, first off, let’s make sure that we are not limit ourselves to two. There is a whole world of job opportunities out there, so let’s make sure we’re looking at all of them.

But let’s assume that we have looked at all the job opportunities we’ve been presented with and we’ve narrowed the pool down to two awesome options.

They fit our skill set.

They’re in the location that we like.

They feel like good places to work.

But how do I know which of the two I should work at? Well, the best way to know where you should work is to better understand what you need to be more satisfied and successful at work. And we can do that in two steps.

Wondering which job is right for you?

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Step One – Understand Yourself

You need to take time to study yourself and learn what it is that will truly make you the most productive and happiest version of yourself at work.

Step Two – Understand The Job Options

You can accomplish this by interviewing people who have worked at these jobs before and asking the right questions during your interview. Doing this will help you get a better understanding of not only what they do, but who they are and whether or not you think you’d be a good fit. Asking those penetrating questions, you can dive deeper into the heart of the organization.

One Simple Solution

On the surface, these may seem like simple steps. But truly diving into these can start to seem overwhelming. Where do you even start? The good news is, we can help you with both of those steps. Take the WorkFit DX and let’s get started!