No better time than now to love where you work.

But if you're reading this now,
odds are, you probably don't.

Your career journey thus far.

You went to school for something you're passionate about.
You landed a full-time job out of college, putting your degree to good work.
But then you realize you need more from your workplace.

If this sounds familiar, you're likely ready to look for something new or at least know what to speak to your employer about and you may also be wondering:

"Where do I start?"

We tried searching for the perfect fit too.

Turns out, it's not so easy.
That's why we created WorkFit Dx.

With so many options,

why choose WorkFit Dx?

WorkFit Dx

Helps you assess where, why, and how you like to work

Assessment questions designed by a team of expert social scientists

Detailed explanation of your results + 15 customized questions to ask current and potential employers

Personalized report that helps you identify what you need to be happy at work

Other Tests

Only tell you details about your personality

Weren’t specifically created for workplace placement

Assessments designed many years ago and are completely outdated

Focus on relationships with self and others, but not what you spend your time doing at work

What you'll learn

Our Comprehensive Career Guide includes:

Personalized Career Fit Profile


Custom interview questions


Complete job search guide

Learn what makes you happy at work, figure out your next move,
and start the journey to your new dream job in 15 short minutes.

Be happy now.

Taking the assessment might be your best decision yet.