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The body of management and employee satisfaction research is clear, the traditional metrics of “job satisfaction” are vastly insufficient to capture how individuals actually evaluate their jobs, their satisfaction within those jobs, their intrinsic motivation to contribute to their employer, and their desire and willingness to turnover (quit/find a new job). Human resource departments, consulting firms, and personality tests, while well-intentioned, are failing to deliver effective solutions to the satisfaction crisis.

We've found a better way to address the gap in satisfaction – and correspondingly in performance.

Our team has invested years of academic research and thousands of hours consulting individuals, companies, and universities on creating and adapting their offers for the right fit and conditions for high satisfaction levels. And we can open entirely new possibilities for individuals and companies. We offer culture development consultations, employee satisfaction audits, HR training, seminars, and complete courses on career-life strategies (for university credit or continuing education).
R. David Dixon Jr. | Medium
August 05, 2021
Why we’re looking in all the wrong places, and set up to fail
Cameron Crowther
September 10, 2021

How will you measure your life? 

R. David Dixon Jr.
January 14, 2022

There is a science to getting a great job! 

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