Getting a job you love is easy as 1-2-3!

(With or without using job listings.)

2- Find an organization that will provide what you really, really, really want and need.

3- Let the organization know why you are the best candidate for their opportunity.

Is it really that simple?

It really is just that simple!

So why are there so many that hate their jobs?

Because they skip over Step 1!

Knowing what you really, really, really want and need from an opportunity is crucial to finding the job you’ll love!

Join the more than 30,000 people who have found jobs they love and are building lasting careers with WorkFit DX.

Discover what you want and need from your workplace to be happy, engaged, and fulfilled.

Learn how to find your dream job and thrive at work!

Receive personally tailored strategies and job tips for making better career decisions.

Krista Smyth
"Trying to find a career that I loved and felt right without WorkFitDX was like trying to hike an unmarked trail without a map. I was so stressed and overwhelmed, but when I found WorkFit DX everything became so much easier!"

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Your Personalized Needs and Interests
  • Discover what you want & need most from your workplace 

  • Which of the 3 domains are most important to you 
  • Comprehensive Breakdown of all 15 Career Satisfaction Attributes, which are most important to you, and how to leverage this knowledge to your advantage

Customized Questions to Ask in an Interview
  • Know what to ask and what answers to look for to ensure the organization provides what you need & want

  • Questions tailored specifically to your Personalized Needs and Interests
  • Sets you apart from other candidates

Strategic Insights & Job Search Tips
  • Based on your specific needs and interests

  • How each attribute impacts  how you feel about your job and what you can do to make it the best for you
  • What to look for, what to do and what not to do to ensure you get what you need and want from your work

Who's it for?

WorkFit DX was created with you in mind

Whether you are a student finding your first career opportunity or an experienced professional looking to improve your opportunity, WorkFit DX is for you. 

It was designed by career planning experts and work satisfaction researchers who have spent thousands of hours, and many years, consulting individuals, companies, and universities to help people make better career decisions.

WorkFit DX will help you know yourself better and aid you in finding a great job or career opportunity specific to your goals, interests, and needs.  

Each of us is constantly growing and changing, and not just in who we “are” but in what we’re looking for from our jobs, WorkFit DX offers a custom profile of your ideal employment relationship right now, as well as a guide for when your situation, needs, and desires change

How It Works

Answer the questions and use the results to love your job

You will be asked a series of questions. WorkFit DX assesses your answers and determines what the top 3 and bottom three key indicators of what you need and want from your job and organization to love your job along with an explanation of the significance of each indicator.

Armed with these insights you will be better prepared to evaluate employers, negotiate terms of employment, and evaluate current work relationships to ensure your needs and interests are met.

WorkFit DX questions have been designed by top social scientists and experts to help you identify your professional fit. 

The results of WorkFit DX are divided into three “Domains”— Approach, Environment, and Outcomes and fifteen “Key Indicators(read more)

The Domains represent the “how,” “where, “and “for what” of your employment experience. The key indicators are the personal values that relate to each domain.

Additionally, your result include the weighted strength of your domain results and a custom-tailored series of questions to ask current and potential employers to help you evaluate your professional options more effectively.

View Your Past Results

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